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Tips to Prevent Fire

How did fire come about?
FIRE- A friend or a fiend?
Tips to Prevent Fire
Children's Safety
Holiday Safety
Electrical Safety

Top 10 Safety Tips

How to make your house a safe home:

  1. Fit a smoke alarm and check it regularly
  2. Make a fire action plan so that everyone in your house knows how to escape in the event of fire
  3. Take care when cooking with hot oil and think about using thermostatically controlled deep fat fryers
  4. Never leave lit candles unattended
  5. Ensure cigarettes are stubbed out and disposed of carefully
  6. Never smoke in bed
  7. Keep matches and lighters away from children
  8. Keep clothing away from heating appliances
  9. Take care in the kitchen! Accidents whilst cooking account for 59% of fires in the home
  10. Take special care when you are tired or when you've been drinking. Half of all deaths in domestic fires happen between 10pm and 8am.

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